Self Help: A Good Way Out Of Depression

Smile, a small but effective step out of depression.

I prescribe you to smile once or several times a day. It’s free and has no negative side effects, only positive ones.

I have made the experience that when I am not so super well and I bring myself to smile, I feel much better. Follow my lead and smile!

Before you read this article, I want you to smile for a few seconds. If you are not in a good mood, then force yourself. Please! It’s not easy, I know. Pull up the corners of your mouth, show something of your teeth and imagine something beautiful, for example someone bringing you a gift. Smile several times a day.

I ask even more of you. Smile at the next person you meet. Do this at least once a day. If you hide at home, do so in your imagination. Close your eyes, imagine a friend approaching you and then smile.

When you smile, chemicals are released into your body, namely serotonin. Serotonin is contained in some of the antidepressants. The serotonin you produce with a smile, even if you force yourself to, is endogenous and has no harmful side effects.

Depression explanation:

The word depression is derived from French, from the Latin “depressio” and means to depress. In psychiatry, depression is the most common form of mental disorder, a state of depressed mood that is associated, among other things, with reduced responsiveness to stimuli.

A distinction must be made between reactive depression, which is triggered by external causes and generally subsides when the cause disappears, and a form of endogenous depression, which occurs independently of external causes and occurs in psychoses.

One can make a depression worse than it is and many, unfortunately also some doctors, do that. The more you deal with a problem, the worse it gets. So someone who suffers from depression can be drawn even deeper into it. Don’t let yourself be talked into a disease.

But don’t get me wrong, there are types of depression where it is absolutely advisable to go to a psychotherapist and get his help and if you can’t get out of the depression on your own, you should also get professional help. However, you should think for yourself, ask questions before agreeing to a therapy, clarify whether you can prevent the intake of medication and finally read the package insert before swallowing pills, which some doctors prescribe all too quickly.

Unfortunately, there are doctors who see a business in a patient. Whether one is well advised or becomes a source of income for the doctor, one must weigh well. In ancient China, doctors were paid when you were healthy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the prescription of medicines would decrease greatly if doctors would get paid only a small amount for printing out a prescription from insurance companies.

However, depression should be taken seriously, even if it is mild, because depression can have serious consequences. These can be health-related, can lead to financial loss, dismissal and emergency. In a very deep moment, suicidal thoughts can arise, which unfortunately are sometimes carried out.

My experience was that when I became aware of myself and my responsibility towards myself, I had already taken a big step out of depression. Depressed people expect a change from the outside world. But the fact is that one can only change something if one changes something in one’s inner life and this begins with thoughts that one can very well control.

The second step was a change in diet and the third was enough exercise. The diet change is important to normalize body chemistry, and both diet and exercise change the emotional vibration. It is equally important that you focus your thinking on what you want in your life, not what you don’t want.

Who wants depression?

When I tell a person who is suffering from a depression lying rolled up on a couch: “Happiness is a decision. Make that decision now” a look would tell me that I have no idea at all.

Only a few manage to get their act together, make this incredible decision and turn your life upside down in no time. One of the reasons for this is the broken body chemistry, which takes several weeks to restore with the help of a good diet and sufficient exercise.

Depression can have many different causes. They can be very severe to mild, and can become chronic. They occur after the loss of an important loved one, after pregnancy, but can already occur due to boredom. They are often caused by unbalanced body chemistry or hormonal balance.

The second is particularly the case with women, be it during puberty, after the end of a love relationship or after a birth (prenatal depression) or during menopause. To date, about 300 hormones are known to perform control functions in the body. When a woman falls in love and during pregnancy, the hormone oxytocin is increasingly released.

If love is withdrawn (after the end of a partnership and the death of the partner) and oxytocin production drops rapidly after childbirth. This can lead to physical pain, but also to depressive symptoms, which can sometimes be very severe. The hormone testosterone has the opposite effect, which is why men rarely suffer after withdrawal of love. Since a woman should not take testosterone, she must take other measures against depression.

Depression due to hormonal imbalances is temporary because the hormone balance is self-regulating, but can last for up to two years. Those who help themselves by helping themselves can shorten this time rigorously.