Open Your Own Vending Service

Where are the best places to place ice vending machines? Places with the best flow of road and foot web traffic, that make ice available to those that use ice every day such as building and construction workers, landscape employees, instructors, and also football mamas … Are always the best areas. Destination locations or areas where your machine just satisfies one type of consumer are generally bad choices.

For example, if you plan to install equipment at a place near a body of water such as a lake or a pool where a bulk of your organization will certainly be occurring over the weekend by only those on site. Unless the amount of ice offered over the weekend during the warm months is so wonderful that it will certainly permit you to not require sales throughout the week and throughout the chilly months, this would certainly be an inadequate choice. Keeping this in mind a slight modification such as placing the ice vending device en route to the lake off the main road, or near a marina entry would generally be a far better area as well as will make yourself available to a lot more customers as well as not simply during the warmest months.

Just how much Ice or Water will I sell with an Ice Candy Machine? Every place is various as well as creates a various quaintly of sales, however on average few locations market greater than 40-60 bags of ice and also 20-30 gallons of water each day usually, unless there is a unique celebration such as July 4th. There are certain machines located in a position that sell essentially ice as well as water every day, yet they are the exception, not the regulation.

Ice & water vending organization plan usually provides 2 schools of thought:

Option 1, is to put one huge high manufacturing equipment house able to offer a huge amount of ice from one area.

Choice 2, is to position smaller, reduced manufacturing vending machines that can be broadened as and also if need calls for. The much smaller dimension enables the opportunity of several kind places and the affordability permits several places.

Option 1.

Large & Junior sized Ice Houses


Manufacturing – Capable of generating roughly 8000 pounds of ice and marketing 800 bags or more each day, of which 650 10lb bags of ice could be marketed straight if the event occurred where there were 650 customers waiting in line, and restoring ice at a price of 545lbs per hour.


Price – Approximately $125,000 to $160,000.

Dimension – 10′ x 18′ – 9 x 15″.

Return on Investment: As formerly pointed out, every school vending machine place is various and also generates a different quaintly of sales, we have listened to delightful tales of equipment working to capability in fantastic areas; nevertheless, a lot of resembling an owner of 8 huge vending machines residences in Southern US, whose gross sales typical per equipment is $35 annually per machine or sells about 64 bags daily not 800 equaling a very sluggish return on your financial investment. (ask for a retail projection workbook).

Location – If you acquire a huge or Junior sized vending machine residence the areas readily available for placement are limited because of the size of the ice house. If you choose a poor location, or if road other building and construction draws away or obstructs traffic circulation to the ice home or any property owner concerns occur it will certainly set you back tens of thousands of dollars to relocate your ice residence. Rental fees will certainly be relative to the size of the building needed.

Assorted – Utility Costs, three-phase power.

Alternatives 2. Compact Ice Vending Machines.


Expense – Approximately $34,000 to $66,000.

Dimension – 52″ x 35″ – 52″ x 78″ Numerous sizes and also production capabilities allow for multiple options. Just occupy the area, only spend the money and just develop the ice that is needed by that location.

Return on Investment: (ask for retail projection workbook).

Places: “use your creativity” Vehicle Cleans, RV Parks, Vehicle Parking Lots, Convenience Store Side Strolls … most positions a Soda machine can fit.
The lease will certainly be relative to the dimension of residential or commercial property required.


Production – Smaller ice vending makers will not create the remarkable quantity of ice at once as the big ice houses, as well as know really a couple of instances where it would certainly be prudent to do so. Our smallest ice vending devices can generate 1900 pounds of ice as well as market 190 bags or even more each day, of which 40 10lb bags of ice could be offered in a row if the celebration occurred where there were 40 clients waiting in line, renewing ice at a price of 75lbs per hour.